How Does It Work?


Step One

Power washing the turf to remove debris and dust

turf brush

Step Two

Turf brush to lift blades, open up drainage pores and remove any additional debris, e.g. pet hair


Step Three

Apply enzyme-based BioTurf to help eliminate smells, pet urine odor and bacteria under the turf.

100% Organic Products

Created specifically for artificial grass, BioTurf with BioS+ digestive Bio-Enzymatic Systems technology is a completely new approach to specialized Bio-Bacteria artificial grass cleaning and pet odor removal.

Not only do our pet parents want to naturally and safely eliminate artificial turf pet urine odors, but also want to eliminate and breakdown other bacterial contaminants such as feces, saliva, and vomit.  Artificial grass bacteria if not treated, will continue to be pushed into the artificial grass, stick to the blades and infiltrate the infill, backing, and even the base layer.

BioTurf is custom formulated by us using the latest naturally occurring organic digestive bio-enzymes specifically engineered to handle the bacteria we smell every day.

Organic  | Eco-Friendly  | Hypo-Allergenic  | Biodegradable  | Kid & Pet Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BioTurf™ a true "Green Product"?

Yes. BioTurf™ is a all natural microbial enzymatic artificial grass cleaner that provides cleaning and odor control by consuming and degrading the waste that causes the odors. The residue left behind is simply a small amount of carbon dioxide and water, which eventually evaporates, leaving your grass surface and infill odor free.

Since BioTurf™ turf cleaning microbes are so efficient at consuming and degrading organic waste, they will out-compete the harmful pet bacteria on the surface, causing them to die. The only residues left are completely safe for humans and pets.

Is BioTurf™ or BioFill harmful to humans or pets?

BioTurf™ is made with all-naturally occurring bacteria and there are no "genetically modified organisms (GMO)" in our products. BioTurf™ is completely safe for people who use the product, safe for animals and pets, safe for the environment, and safe for aquatic life.  We do recommend taking common sense safety precautions and keep the product away from children.  Our BioFill product is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is used in many different hollistic methods.

Can I use BioTurf BioS+ to treat odors that are not pet-related?

Absolutely! We recommend using our product on any odor, organic or non-organic which includes feces, vomit, sweat, urine.  Your kids gym bags, baby's diaper pail, fishing boat gear or anything you can think of.

How long do I have to wait after application to use the turf?

After your initial application the enzyme are working hard. If you are having a party or have kids or pets that want to play go right ahead. No need to wait since our product is clean, green and smells great!